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Tweet Me, If You Wanna Reach Me

One of the roles we’re looking to fill is for an additional Social Media managers, experts, gurus, genies, whatever. So let’s cut to the chase. We’ve asked our Brand Planner, @TheMrHankSmith, what he thinks someone should know if they’re ‘perfect for the job.’ Like the original announcement said, having a Facebook and Twitter account isn’t enough these days, so don’t come empty handed!
Q: What does one need to do and know in order to be a Social Media

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50 Ways to Leave Your Agency

Alright, we lied. Not exactly 50 ways. That list would be too long and we’re sure Google could help you more… than we could. How about, what can our Creative Director tell you about the next steps for you getting a job on April 23rd? Juicy tips? What will give you the upper-hand?
Q: What’s the simplest thing people can do to impress us as an agency?
A: Well, that would be   DO YOUR RESEARCH                                       
Q: Easy enough,

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Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 5.03.19 PM

Rules of Engagement

Today, we sat down with our CEO to talk about the fine details of Cheat On Your Agency Day. Besides it taking place on the 23rd of April, we asked him to tell us what we expect to happen, and how we think it will go! Here’s what he had to say:
Q: Assuming people do their research, what’s going to happen with someone who walks through our doors next Wednesday?
A: Between 9am and 5pm, come through

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Let’s Run Away Together

Ok, ok. So you’re a cheater. What now? Do you know what you’re gonna say to your coworkers? Or what if you run into your boss on the way to your car? Let us help you, help us. Hell, what if a coworker sees you here? Our Junior Copywriter has some thoughts on the matter. Here’s what @*!% has to say:
Q: Alright, so you’ve got your window of opportunity to leave your office. What now?
A: Fake a

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Southern Secrets

Meet one of our Account Managers! Like our previous post, she’s the next contributor to our list of ways to impress. Here’s a tad more information about Cheat on Your Agency Day… as a whole (the 23rd): your interview is 16 minutes with any one person at the agency – any gifts, notions that you did your research, or stories on how you snuck out of your agency, are extra scandalous and therefore, are extra points. Anyways here are some

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Don’t Be a Deer in the Headlights

Want a *figurative* leg-up on the competition? The secretive interview, like any interview, can be tricky, especially when you’re cheating on your current agency…. So just incase you’re stuck with the above pictured, you can learn to impress (redacted), our Creative Director.
Q: What, besides someone’s work, will impress you?
A: Ha, well, I have a mini bar at my desk, so people who know what they like to drink and don’t just stand there and twiddle their

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Cheat On Your Agency Day

Are you and your agency in a rut? Have you grown tired of working on the same clients? Has your eye begun to wander?
Maybe it’s time to start seeing other people.
We know the best talent is currently employed—and that’s exactly who we want. It may not be good form, but who doesn’t want what they can’t have? So on April 23rd, we’ll be interviewing anyone working at a different agency. After hiring 3 people from our ’15 …

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Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 5.21.34 PM

Absolut(e) Stress

“Wait… you’re missing an ‘e’ in absolute.” Not if you’re talking vodka. That’s right, our weekly happy hour drink is called ‘Absolut Stress’ and its about as stressful to make as it sounds – easy. Suzy is our bartendress for the day and she came up with this after a busy and long week. People on vacation, people coming back from trips, and the usual haul. It’s actually been one of the more ‘hard’ drinks we’ve had here at our

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Dear Winter, Please Go Away

Snow at the end of March? Come on? Really? Don’t lie and say you haven’t given the finger to this never-ending season. Well, we decided to actually do it, especially with some of our coworkers off in Florida. Seriously, F#@% Winter.
Our day has consisted of some great summer inspired clothing, lunch from our local beach shack, England’s favorite summer drink Pimm’s Cup, giving the snow the bird, and enjoying some nice beach music. We’ve even gone a step

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Corpse Reviver

Revive Your Corpse – Happy Hour

We’ve been trying out a new weekly activity lately: Office Happy Hour. It’s the basic happy hour concept, minus the insane drink deals and cheap foods. Each week someone here is our featured bartender/bartendress of the day. They pick the drink, (something special or fancy… No screwdrivers or brass monkeys!) and make them… a lot of them.

We dug deep for this specialty drink. After the agency had a late, late night yesterday, we thought no drink could be more

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