Filming from Hollywood, New Jersey and our living rooms.
By Matt
on August 19, 2020

Welcome to our future. And we LOVE IT! LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Right now we are filming a 90 second film and commercial for our client. Okay there isn't much new there. But considering how its being filmed is. The Director Peter Lang of Picrow films in LA is in... well LA, the 3 man crew are all in masks in New Jersey. With a very cool camera and software, the client, producers and creatives make a video village at our homes through Zoom. And guess what. It's amazing, and our future. DONE! Think of all the savings in travel, the debates about who goes, who stays, etc. And yes, there are going to be issues, and the collective of being in the same space is priceless. But for the right type of film. This has been very exciting. We can't wait to show the final product after the edit is done. Yes, that's being done the exact same way at the editors home in Pasadena. My head is going to explode.

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