By Matt
on November 16, 2020

For sure this isn't the first conversation that's been had about working from home during the pandemic. But what about Working From Boat? My home is on the Chesapeake Bay. I decided years ago that I wanted to spend my free time in a place free of all the stuff that comes with city life, and during the week, enjoy what the city doctors, restaurants, fellow workers, work (which I love), etc. But sometimes you do need break, to unplug and distance yourself from it all.

We've all discovered that working from home comes with its own special issues, including the loss of my 3-hour buffer between work life and home life. How do you separate work from home when they are on the same...well...sofa? You find new workplaces.

We own several boats, and one of them is an old Wood Trawler. Pre-COVID, it mostly served as a guest room or dock art. Now it's my official pandemic office. And guess what? It's great! I can go out in the middle of the bay and just float and work. Conference calls and all. The biggest obstacle to deal with? Not letting anyone know I am on a boat. Ha! And here I am talking about it. Now if you excuse me, I need to steer my office away from that crab pot.

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