Oh, That's Good: Capitol Communicator: Keeping Us All Connected
By Matt
on September 30, 2019

This post was originally shared on Capitol Communicator on September 30, 2019.

I recall the day as if it was yesterday, only it was several years ago.

I was in a boardroom with Paul Duning and we were talking about how the advertising, marketing and media industries in the Washington, D.C., metro area were in dire need of some sort of news coverage.

Paul said he was contemplating launching such a publication, and I readily agreed. In fact, If I recall correctly, my initial response was a rousing, “HELL YES!” Usually I like to think ideas like this over for a bit before making a decision, but this one was a 100 percent slam-dunk.

The reason for my support was obvious. For reasons that likely had to do with the massive loss of highly lucrative print advertising in the digital age, trade outlets like Ad Age and Adweek slashed their editorial staffs and virtually eliminated coverage in the D.C. region. As a result, there was no place to go to keep up on local developments and news.

Enter Paul and the Capitol Communicator, which was such a terrific idea. Not only is it a great, well written and edited platform, but it also serves as a connection that keeps all of us ad folks in the loop on what’s happening in our region. And over the years it’s grown to such an extent that it now covers Baltimore and Richmond, in addition to the continuing, comprehensive coverage of D.C.

The bottom line is that for anyone who wants to be kept up to date on what’s happening in advertising, marketing and media in the entire mid-Atlantic region, the Capitol Communicator is THE place to go. Simple as that.

So I’d like to thank the bosses at Ad Age and Adweek for abandoning us because it opened a window of opportunity that allowed us to have our very own, custom-made connector. A huge thanks to Paul and Editor/Co-Founder Phil Rabin for keeping this enterprise going, and for expanding their purview with their Marketing Summits and industry get togethers. We’re all better off because of your efforts.

One more thing. I urge you to do more than just read the Communicator. Consider writing some articles and sharing your thoughts with the rest of us. We all love each other’s ideas, especially when we can learn something from them that can help our business. Think about it, then share your thoughts.

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