by Matt11/12/09

Sally, is that you?

img_21361One of the charms of working in an old building is it’s history. We know that it used to be a sheet metal factory of sorts. Duct work, AC units…. We also know that the alley behind us was known as Sally’s Alley. It’s were the hookers hung out here in the Arlington, Falls Church Area during the 60′s and 70′s . One thing though that has been bothering us is that even though we have cleaned up and somewhat fixed up our new space next door, no one wants to go in there. So we wondered. Is there a ghost in there? Whats so creepy about the space…. Meet Fred, Fred along with being our Twitter, and Facebook  guy is also a spiritual healer and basically in touch with that side of the world. We invited him into the space and said. Whats up here? He started feeling it. his hands started burning and pointed to the basement steps. As clear as day, he said. There is a dead woman down there. Head trauma and in a pool of blood. She died in 1943 AND she has not left the building either. CRAP! Now what is interesting is how the agency dealt with this news yesterday. We all unanimously went to the steps and invited her to the party. Said she was welcome to hang out and go to work – that she represented a segment of society that we had not talked to yet. We also invited her to lunch. We had Pizza today…We all are wondering though, is it Sally, is this her alley?  Stay tuned…

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