Brands Are Built Through Experiences, Not Just Advertising!

I was in a huge meeting the other day and we had presented some very cool ideas regarding customer experience as a way to introduce a brand into new markets. Now, the brand is a B to B brand, and we look at all brands the same. B to B still needs to think like a consumer brand. It’s just that the consumer is another business. But B to B seems to be code for not needing emotion and actions. Really? So B to B marketing should just be sell sheets? NO! But our client wasn’t buying it, so I brought up…. Yes.. United Airlines! Yes I brought up a screaming man being dragged off a plane to talk about branding. Think for a second. United has most likely spent over a billion dollars on advertising over the years. But some nasty flight attendant can destroy all of that, or even worse, yanking a guy off the plane! Who the airline had a right to do, and the guy was kinda a tool as well. But the optics of it all was like a Superbowl ad. Now of course the CEO only added to the mess, like a follow up ad on the Oscars. Each one of the three events is like a not to well thought out campaign.

In today’s everyone is a media channel world, each action, each little tiny thing you do has to be thought of as a branding exercise. So it is critical that when you are thinking of a brand position.. like “Fly The Friendly Sky’s” you actually do that! And if you are selling Ball Bearing’s and your tag line is , “We Get A Ball Out Of Our Bearings” You also have a great work environment, and live the passion of Ball Bearings!