Has Advertising Jumped The Shark?

Usually when I write an essay like this I try to make a point or an argument about an issue facing the advertising industry. More often than not the issues I address are something that’s been on my mind for a while, something that I’ve been trying to come to terms with and reach some kind of con [Read more]


Just like the current trend in creating six-second TV spots, this will be brief. Everyone’s heard about six-second ads. OK. They make sense—to a degree. I get it. The TV networks can sell more ads in a 30 second pod, etc. It’s a way to maximize time, and there’s a justifiable argu [Read more]

Why You Should Hire A Marketing Partner That Likes Being Married.

We had this insight a ways back. We looked around the two offices and noticed that everyone that's married, has been married a while and happy. mmmmm, that's odd in our business. But, think about it. We are all long term relationship people. We hate dating, and chasing, and love the rythem of a grea [Read more]

Some Thoughts On Our 15 Years In Business And A Lifetime Passion!

The above photo was taken over 22 years ago, the below shot last week. This July marks 15 years since I decided to try this business on my own, since I walked away from the big meetings, politics and corporate drama. To be fair, my time spent at big ad agencies was pretty good. The last big [Read more]

Maybe I Am Working The Staff Too Hard?

Ya, this happened. I came out of a meeting and this is what I found. Okay? Is there a protest going on? Did some of the folks forget that the grape Kool-aid in the fridge is for a special moment? Maybe it's just a way to take a break from a very fun and intense three week period with a little Yoga! [Read more]