Some Creative Musings On The Eve Of Cannes

I just had this published in Media Post, captures my thoughts on being a former CD. With the Cannes Lions festival fast upon us, my thoughts have turned to the creative side of the advertising business, which is supposed to be what Cannes celebrates and is the part of the industry I’ve been toi [Read more]

My Secret to Not Aging Out of the Advertising Industry? Adjust Your Perspective

This was just published in Adweek, and very happy I had the courage to write it. It all depends on your personal outlook and willingness to change I recently moderated a panel discussion of creative directors from several ad agencies at an industry conference when a difficult but important questio [Read more]

I Guess This Is How You Win Awards? SG Wins Big In New Jersey Addys For RWJBarnabas.

When you sit behind a screen all day, it's a good idea to get up and stretch. But planking? It's becoming a thing here.  What ever it takes I say. We havn't entered any award shows for the past several years for some reason. Not sure why? Well, our client did in New Jersey and we did rather well wi [Read more]

Has Advertising Jumped The Shark?

Usually when I write an essay like this I try to make a point or an argument about an issue facing the advertising industry. More often than not the issues I address are something that’s been on my mind for a while, something that I’ve been trying to come to terms with and reach some kind of con [Read more]


Just like the current trend in creating six-second TV spots, this will be brief. Everyone’s heard about six-second ads. OK. They make sense—to a degree. I get it. The TV networks can sell more ads in a 30 second pod, etc. It’s a way to maximize time, and there’s a justifiable argu [Read more]