Identity Guard

Proving that trust
is the best motivator.

We live in a different world. Theft is no longer relegated to a few neighborhood cat burglars. It’s the domain of innumerable hackers spread world wide. Computers are their picks, personal identity their haul. With that in mind, our challenge was to introduce Identity Guard theft protection to consumers who were anxious about having their most vital information stolen, and yet wary of the identity protection category.

While competitors were using scare tactics, we took an altogether different approach and positioned Identity Guard as the category leader, leveraging a tone of encouragement and support into believability and trust.

One TV spot follows an online purchase across continents. When the purchaser’s information arrives in Africa, instead of being compromised, it’s protected by Identity Guard software. The tagline, “Making it okay to trust again,” sums up the brand promise.

Along with network TV, a combination of radio, internet and social media was used as consumers were directed to the Identity Guard website. Once there, they learned the true facts and statistics and that, while we can’t stop hackers from trying, we can beat them at their own game.