Teaching different sub-brands
to speak with one voice.

The Inova Health System had grown so quickly that it suddenly found itself with 70 separate entities across Northern Virginia. The problem was that they didn’t look or act like a single brand—a challenge that became ours to solve.

We started by creating a unifying campaign, “Join the future of health.” It positioned Inova as an industry leader, and is used for both consumer awareness and physician recruiting. We followed with a 40-page brand standards manual, in addition to TV, radio, print, outdoor and digital.

Today, the messaging from Inova’s many constituents is consistent—no small feat, and one that was accomplished while seamlessly integrating SmithGifford’s “Team Inova” with our client’s in-house team.



Not surprisingly, brand awareness increased by 20% and the campaign continues to position Inova as an innovator in a crowded field.

Said succinctly, consumers, physicians and Inova staff members across the region joined the future of health. And we joined the future of Inova.