Curing unwarranted drama,
one eye exam at a time.

We were tapped by MyEyeDr. to concept and create their first ever non-promotional national campaign. So, we had to find a message that spoke to everyone. Not just the Baby Boomers you’d typically think of as candidates for eye sight problems. But Gen Xers who are starting to need readers, Millennials who have fallen victim to screen strain, and even school-aged children who struggle to see the dry erase board. How do you talk about eye health to everyone? You make it everyone’s problem.

We all know people who have the perpetual look of anger and distrust in just about every situation – even when they’re totally happy. But it’s not their fault. They simply have Resting Squint Face (RSF), a syndrome that can strike anyone, regardless of their state of mind. It’s common among people who are nearsighted, farsighted or screen-fatigued. And MyEyeDr. has the cure: a professional eye exam and unparalleled selection of frames and lenses – so there’s no longer any reason to live with RSF, or the drama and misunderstandings it causes in relationships and in society.

To help bring an end to the RSF epidemic, we created an awareness campaign, in the vein of PSAs and prescription drug advertising. The full campaign, capturing Resting Squint Face in its natural habitat and highlighting the awkward moments RSF can cause, was launched in targeted media channels including TV, pre-roll videos, radio, print, digital and social.

Social media teasers played with pseudo statistics to highlight some of the unwanted side effects of RSF to create buzz before the campaign launch.


With this campaign, MyEyeDr. has a message that stands out from the competition with humor and relatability. And we know it works, as our own supervisor on the account, Melissa, has attested “this campaign is the reason I got my glasses.”