What happens to cows
is revolting. Revolt!

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has a well-deserved reputation for creating content that promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle. Sometimes shocking, and always motivating, when they came to us to raise awareness about the inhumane treatment of dairy cows, we were enthusiastic, to say the least.


After much internal deliberation, we realized that the most shocking and provocative solution was already on the table: the cold, hard truth – that dairy cows live in crowded stalls, are impregnated over and over again, and when their milk production decreases, they’re turned into dog food. No need for dramatization, or embellishment. Just simple animation, and title cards that explain the process – as if they were instructional style films created by dairy associations to help dairy farmers maximize profits – and told in a dispassionate way, ending with a tagline that summed it up: What happens to cows is revolting. Revolt!

Revolting is exactly the rallying cry that we used as our CTA. We decided to create three different videos that exposed the hidden truths of the dairy industry including how cows are artificially inseminated, how dairy farmers maximize lactation for profits, and how calves are torn away from their mothers just days after they’re born.

The campaign was launched at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, where PETA staged a protest with peaceful rebels. The videos were translated into seven languages.


The campaign is still running. To date, the English language Pregnancy Gun video has received more than 250,000 views and more than 2000 shares on social media. The Spanish language version has reached more than 2.6 million views and is still climbing.