The Nature Conservancy

Raising awareness
for the common good.

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is an organization ripe with pragmatic scientists and policy experts who have made it a successful and cost-effective environmental association. But its resistance to engage in self-serving publicity had often rendered it less than top-of-mind to donors. So when they approached SmithGifford, we knew we needed to raise awareness and donations while being mindful of the morals, ethics and values of TNC.

We devised an integrated campaign — print ads, digital banners, radio spots and a Washington Post takeover — all of which drew the analogy between expensive wines and the high cost of a diminishing clean water supply.


To further draw the analogy between precious water and fine wine, we created a series of wine bottles filled with water from endangered sources and told their stories on the back labels.

We developed a site,, to highlight TNC’s clean water projects. Visitors are immediately engaged, and can watch the video we created, test their water knowledge, learn surprising facts and, of course, donate. We made it all easy to share on social networks, too.

The cause is now flourishing. TNC has seen a 52% increase in unaided awareness, and likelihood to donate is up by 29%. But most importantly, water is being conserved.