Bringing a leader’s
vision to life.

About the only thing as bold and vibrant as José Andrés’ cooking is José Andrés himself. A James Beard Award winning chef and entrepreneur, José is the creative force behind ThinkFoodGroup, a flourishing restaurant empire that stretches from DC to LA. So when he went looking for creative ways to promote his business, he turned to SmithGifford for ideas.

Our first course of action was to reimagine the ThinkFoodGroup website. Our design scrolls upward — as if all content flows directly from the mind of José Andrés. But our thinking didn’t stop there.

For China Poblano in Las Vegas, we produced a video that was so cool, it ran on the side of the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino. It even became one of the attractions on the strip. For Jaleo, we revamped the brand’s look and feel from website to table tent to an awardwinning poster of a tuna painted entirely out of tomato sauce. And then there are the dynamic minibar brochures developed for their sales team and loaded onto iPads.


All in all, our thinking has gone into everything from TFG’s food festivals, to clothing, to signage. And if nabbing a reservation at any of their restaurants is a measure of success, then our thinking has definitely hit the spot.