Victor Stanley

Building a future
with an eye to the past.

Founded in 1962, Victor Stanley is a family-owned and operated maker of premium furniture for public spaces. When they invited us to the table, we started by designing a new logo that features the company’s founders sitting on their best-selling product — a Victor Stanley bench. You might call it a benchmark.
As the visual centerpiece of the brand, the mark evokes the simple pleasures of joyful moments spent outdoors with a friend, a partner or even a stranger. We tapped into every urban planner’s dream of bringing to life a community, and not just a shared space. Our print campaign, meanwhile, brings those moments to life, summed up by the tagline, “Create a timeless moment.”

Not a company to rest on its laurels, Victor Stanley most recently launched a new product that is revolutionizing the way waste is collected. The Relay™ Sensor and Service is an intelligent system which continuously monitors and transmits fill levels in receptacles, while also conveying temperature, weight, location and more. This allows for collection planning and routing that is much more efficient than previously possible. The online portal and brochure we created for the Relay system is already helping Victor Stanley reinvent the logistics of waste collection, and change the game.


And with new technologically advanced products on the way, there’s not a moment to waste.