Generating demand for a product.
Even before there is a product.

Everyone knows that dogs can’t talk. Or, can they? Voyce was a new product in a new category: wearable technology for dogs. It measures health and wellness indicators, and helps in early detection and prevention of chronic and acute conditions. Heart disease and osteoarthritis, to name two.

Knowing the kind of affection that people have for dogs, the humans at Voyce came to SmithGifford for an approach to their marketing that was anything but technical.

Tasked with launching the product to consumers solely online and through veterinarians, we took a complex product for dogs and made it more human.

Say the word “challenge” and we’re like Chesapeake Bay Retrievers to water. In almost no time we produced brand videos and award-winning posters — and we helped spread the word at technology events like the Consumer Electronics Show, where Voyce was named Best of CES 2014 by Yahoo! Tech. And knowing that dog owners are vocal, engaged, and love to share, we took to Facebook and Twitter in a big way.


Within six months, Voyce had beaten the Facebook organic reach average of 1–2%, maintaining close to 25% and gaining 200,000 fans. And then there’s the buzz and recognition it garnered from some of the biggest names in tech: voted Best of Tech Hive/PC World for Wearable Tech; named among the Top 5 Trends at CES by USA Today; and listed amongst the Technology That Mattered at CES by CNET. Most importantly, Voyce reached its market and has allowed our best friends to let us know what’s bothering them.