Woody Boater

Turning an interest
into a phenomenon.

Launched and created by SmithGifford, Woody Boater is a website whose combination of charm and technology struck a chord with the antique and classic boat community — and quickly became the number one site for enthusiasts of wood power boats.

Whether it’s the homespun humor, or the unique brand of English (Miss Spellings are every wear), Woody Boater connects with its followers, many of whom are new to the internet, in a way that speaks to both their interests and sensibilities.


In addition to the website, which has grown to more than 2.5 million yearly views, SmithGifford created a Facebook page that now has far more likes afloat than there are classic wood powerboats. To further appeal to Woody Boaters, we created a series of ads that recall the simple joys of summer on the lake and, in so doing, developed the brand as a lifestyle.



Cultivating the Woody Boater lifestyle continues with an online store that offers a variety of merchandise including T-shirts, captain’s hats and coffee mugs.

Altogether, Woody Boater promotes a brand of timelessness that’s decidedly rich, evocative and updated daily.