Wright Manufacturing

Changing the landscape.

Wright Manufacturing didn’t invent the wheel. However, Bill Wright did invent the stand-on commercial mower in 1981. His invention meant landscapers could now take on far bigger spaces while using smaller crews to finish their jobs faster.

Faster and better became the rallying cry for SmithGifford, too.

The creative platform came right from the product itself: it’s “More Than Just a Mower.” And Wright lives up to it with mowers that are built for landscapers and entrepreneurs who see the value of investing in machines that are better-engineered, longer-lasting and more efficient.

Wright asked us to rethink their brand from the ground up. We designed everything from signage to crew t-shirts to sunglasses. We created a new sales catalog and an entire ad campaign. And with their biggest sales event of the year quickly approaching, we also staged and dressed their sales booth.



Collectively, this work exemplifies our conviction in “retailing while branding.”

And never sitting idly when you can take a stand.