Why You Should Hire A Marketing Partner That Likes Being Married.

We had this insight a ways back. We looked around the two offices and noticed that everyone that’s married, has been married a while and happy. mmmmm, that’s odd in our business. But, think about it. We are all long term relationship people. We hate dating, and chasing, and love the rythem of a great relationship. We work at it, and make sure the relationship is strong. Not chasing a new spouse the second we got married.

I have always said, one of the good qualities in a ‘new business” person is that they love to date. They have the ability to actually ask some one out on a date. But get them the hell out of there after that. Not us, we like the 5th date, the 2nd year. The feeling of knowing each other over the good times and bad.

OK, just checking here, are you getting this metaphor? See, I, Trisha,Bill, Lisa…. We are the spouse, YOU! the future employee, or client are the other? See the connection. It’s in our DNA to be a good spouse? Coworker and partner. Hire some fancy flash in the pan agency that wins and looses business, and you will become one more angry divorced client! So, I ask, and it’s painful, cause it isn’t natural. Want to go out on a date with us?