Very Proud To Be Named One Of Washington’s Best Places To Work! Again!

It happened again, Woohooo. Yes, it’s not like two years in a row but we didn’t enter two years in a row. Back in 2006 we won and now about 10 years later as a fun thing we entered again, and won. I have to admit, sometimes these things feel like a money grab type network thing, and no doubt this has some of that same feeling. The second you win you are sent emails looking for money. But in truth, it’s a great place to work. Not because I am the CEO, but because you can feel it in the air. Lots …LOTS of laughter and people hanging out together. We are proud of our final product and LOVE our clients. On any given day there are 3 or so dogs running around, or sleeping. Lots of sleeping dogs! We also LOVE our partners.

Now, you might say, Mr or Miss/Mrs potential client. Great, fun place to work, but what does that have to do with my ROI? Well, honestly I could make up an answer that happy people do better work. But really, they are very good people, that would do a great job pissed off. Yes, I have seen that. But the truth is, this is about us, and making life better. We spend most of our days at work, it should be fulfilling for everyone, including our client partners. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but many of our clients come over to escape there places. We have wine!