Stock Marketing – Please Stop It!

The other day while in a pitch, looking through work done by the company we were pitching and their competition, it hit me like a ton of digital bricks. We have entered an age of “stock marketing,” using templatated websites and assets AKA cheap royalty-free photos with crappy, unfocused, generic, crowd-sourced graphics.

“OK, sure,” you’re thinking, “of course you think it’s crap, Matt, you own a business that promotes branding and customized work. But I don’t need that. Just like I can fill my office space with fake leather furniture and cubes and save a ton of money.”

Sadly, we’re seeing this budgeting tactic more and more, which then leads to an even bigger problem. Companies that have invested in seen-it-a-million-times generic stock marketing for years now find that they can’t seem to get attention or stand out from their competition, and don’t understand why. Stock photos, stock templates and stock thinking lead you to one place (you guessed it, stock marketing), and it’s no place a company wants to be. Worst of all, young professionals are being brought up in this way, and not learning the principles of true branding — being unique by owning the truth of their brands.

That’s Smith Gifford’s mission, to help companies find their truth, to be proud of it and to help them market their company or cause in such a way that its honesty hits consumers right between the eyes. To create one-of-a-kind, focused plans and creative that show who an organization is, and can be. And isn’t that why you hire a marketing firm in the first place? We’re not a stock marking firm. We love branding. We love helping our partners find their unique voice, and reach the receptive ears, eyeballs and minds out there to create relationships that will last a lifetime. After all, thats what marketing is all about!