Unlimited Vacation. We Love It!

Since the beginning of SmithGifford over 15 years ago, we have marched to a different drummer regarding work ethic. We believe you are proud of the work you do, and take great pride in doing great work. We also know that those kinda folks don’t know how to stop. Because here, we all work in this business because its a passion not a job. But you have to step away from it from time to time to get a perspective on life.  Which is why we encourage time off. And usually that needed time comes in unplanned ways and takes time. We each are different. So from day one set up a rule that we wouldn’t count the time off. Because it just makes vacation time less of a vacation. So here at the agency you can take all the time you need. THe entire agencies culture is about that. We support each others time, and it makes a huge difference. No conference calls while your family is on the beach, or HR people counting 1/2 hours of time off.

There are countless articles out there saying its a bad idea and actually encourages less time off.  Not when its part of the agency culture and everyone is part of it. There are times where its a sweat shop, and times when its not, you should be able to balance your life. Because after all, a balanced person is a smarter person and team mate.