Children’s National

Light Up Dr. Bear

Children’s Hospital Foundation provides over $70MM in uncompensated care every year — thanks to donations. So, for their end-of-year fundraising campaign, we wanted the donors to feel a part of the magic that is Children’s National.

Our $4.5MM fundraising goal was reached within the first week — with the donations almost quadrupling by the end of the campaign.

Web Traffic
Web Traffic
+ 500%
Social Views
Social Views
Gift Count
Gift Count
+ 45%
1st Time Donor
1st Time Donor
+ 124%

Every time a donation was made between Black Friday and New Year’s via text or URL, hundreds of Dr. Bears simultaneously lit up throughout the region for all to see.


At the same time, Dr. Bears lit up in hallways, nursing stations, patient care rooms and community areas all over Children’s National. So the kids spending their holiday in the hospital would know their community cared about them.

Behind the Scenes

First, we designed and manufactured 1-and 3-foot LED resin Dr. Bears with the help of EclipseCorp.

Then we strung thousands of yards of LED light strings, charged hundreds of batteries and created an Internet-of-Things with the help of Autonomy.

And we placed Dr. Bears throughout the DMV with the messaging “Show You care. Light up Dr. Bear,” with mGive providing the text-to-give functionality.

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