Resting Squint Face

MyEyeDr. began with one retail outlet in the DC suburbs about 15 years ago and has grown to more than 500 stores east of the Mississippi. The discount eyewear market is a crowded one, with competition coming on all sides from brick and mortar entities, big-box chain stores and online brands. So, when our client asked us to create its first national, non-promotion-driven campaign, we told a bigger brand story by emphasizing eye health, something that other eyewear discounters can’t own.

We did so by creating a disease: Resting Squint Face (RSF). To bring about awareness of and an end to the RSF epidemic caused by digital eye strain and near/far-sightedness, we created an integrated campaign in the dramatic tone of PSAs and pharma advertising. It launched in targeted media channels with an emphasis on TV and social media, and included radio, print, OOH and digital executions.

Posted on social media and the client's website, the spots have garnered a steady increase in scheduled appointments and inquiries about digital eye strain.

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