Getting real about banking.

Money can’t buy you love. But great bankers can get you just about everything else.

Being a community bank with community values seems rather un-sexy in these days of apps, bankless banking and Bitcoins. But these are also the days of buckle-your-seatbelts swings in the market and the economy, and to get a grip on our finances, we all from time to time need real help. From real people. Who have a real stake in seeing their community succeed.

Our friends at Sandy Spring Bank understand that banking is not just about walking on the beach during your retirement, but being able to finance repairs when your roof leaks. Research echoed what clients had always said about SSB. They’re real. A truth that found its way into a new branding campaign, Real banking for real life.

Real errands.

Our friends at GLM developed a media strategy that met customers in real places, like a morning coffee run and picking up dry cleaning, that keep this campaign running strong.

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