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It started as a way to swap boat pics. But that was just a drop in the ocean.

Power Boating is an American institution born 100 years ago. Companies like Chris-Craft and Gar Wood combined artistry with power and revolutionized the world of recreational boating. Like many passions, though, its popularity waned over the years, and the wood power boat community began shrinking as fast as its members were aging out.


The Woody Boater brand took on the mission to make wood power boats relevant to a new generation while keeping its history alive with daily updates on the community, now for over 12 years without missing one day! Our app helps fellow Woody Boaters find each other on the road and locates restaurants and repair shops that are boater-friendly.


Over the years the demand for fun merch has grown. We even created The Stuff Store that allows fellow Woody Boaters to spread the gospel to the unenlightened world.

As its community and presence grows, Woody Boater has hit some impressive milestones, including a feature on CBS Sunday Morning.

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With topics ranging from screwdriver preferences to COVID-19 cancellations, and social media helped turn what was once a small community into an international forum.

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