Yes, I Know I Can’t Spell!

If you are reading this and past stories, no doubt you have tasted a bit of my poor grammar and spelling issues. You also are thinking, what the hell? This guy runs an ad agency and puts stuff out there that is not proofed. Well, you’re right. But here is my reason. We have had this site up now for close to 6 months and no one is doing any stories. And getting the ones I want to do get bogged down in proofing by folks doing client work.  So, I just do it. Now of course that does not explain why I can’t seem to be able to write. Well, I went to school in three countries. France, Germany and the USA. So I learned three different languages before I was 12 and to be honest, the rules have always been a bit confusing. So I write like I speak. This of course horrified my father, a writer and editor. Yes, I have tried to be better, but it can be paralyzing, and after all if it’s from the heart, it’s always better.

So don’t worry about your ads being done right, we have some of the best writers in the Mid Atlantic right here working for you. And for me, well, the good news, is none of my staff reads this so it will be our little secret!