One of California’s most prestigious personal injury law firms wanted to start advertising.

So we made them sound unlike a personal injury law firm.

Walkup Personal Injury Law had been winning major financial compensation for clients for more than 60 years. To go after even bigger cases, they asked us to help them with something they’d never done before: advertise. Our strategy was to create Walkup as a brand that’s above the typical, obnoxious personal injury din, and portray Walkup as the trustworthy, thorough and strategic choice when choosing matters most. So instead of shouting, we whispered smart, compassionate and sometimes provocative truths that identified the Walkup brand. Did people hear? You bet. Within the first month of airing, web traffic and phone calls increased by 200%.

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Since the first month of launch (May 2023),
web traffic and phone calls increased by over:
200 percent
40 new clients captured within
the first two weeks
of launch