The Things You Don't See

Long Roofing filled a void in home improvement dominated by “Chuck-in-the-truck” handyman contractors by adhering to high-quality work, professionalism and customer-centric service. They were so successful that they expanded beyond the DC Metro area to Richmond, West Virginia and New England. Up until then, Long had only done price-and-item advertising, but now needed a brand story to tell in those new markets.

The funny (not ha-ha funny) thing about roofing is that it’s a major purchase that many homeowners don’t examine once it’s installed. They can’t see the quality of the materials or the proprietary roofing system and training that sets Long apart. Long raises the standards by doing the right thing, even when no one can see it. And who better to convey that than an invisible man?

Our invisible spokesperson, Claude, is the physical idea that it’s the things you don’t see that often matter the most. Customers may not realize it at first, but what they’re really buying is freedom from worry. The campaign follows Claude as he touts the benefits of a Long roof, and documents some of the funny (the ha-ha kind) hiccups that his invisibility causes.

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