We believe that creative isn't an end product.

It's a way of thinking about your business. So we’ve structured SmithGifford to be a cultural think tank, marketing consultant, and brand engineer as well as a creative greenhouse. We provide top-tier agency marketing experience, game-changing insights and creative high standards that enable brands to slingshot from where they’ve been to where they want to be.

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By Matt Smith on November 16, 2020
For sure this isn't the first conversation that's been had about working from home during the pandemic. But what about Working From Boat?
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By Bill Cutter on October 30, 2020
It’s been said that there’s a little voyeur in all of us. And when one of the only available windows to the outside world is your TV or computer screen, that’s even more true.
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By Scarlett Cates on September 1, 2020
Anyone who’s dealt with motion sickness will tell you it’s annoying to say the least. But what if there's no motion but still sickness?
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